10 exercises to lose weight fast

Discover the 10 exercises to lose weight fast.

The best exercises to lose weight are those where more calories are spent in less time, such as running or swimming.

10 exercises to lose weight fast

However, to lose weight efficiently and maintain results, it is important to combine these activities with muscle exercises, which should preferably be performed in the gym and under the supervision of a personal trainer.

Aerobic exercises such as walking and running increase the heart rate and burn more calories, while resistance exercises, such as those for the muscles, favour muscle hypertrophy, allowing an increase in muscle size, making the individual consume more energy.

10 exercises to lose weight fast

Below are the 10 exercises to lose weight fast.

The best exercises to lose weight in the gym are aerobics, some examples are:

1. Muscle exercises

Exercising the muscles is one of the main activities for those who want to lose weight because its regular practice helps to increase muscle mass, as well as resistance, strength and flexibility.

The more muscle mass, the greater the ability of the person to expend calories while resting, thus promoting weight loss.

However, for this to happen, it is important that the workouts are regular and that the person follows a balanced and healthy diet.

Amount of calories burned:

The number of calories burned during anaerobic exercise training depends on several factors, such as intensity and type of activity performed, as well as individual characteristics of the person such as physical condition, weight, structure physics and genetics.

For this reason, the calories that can be burned during this type of training can vary between 300 to 500 calories per hour. However, as there is a gain in muscle mass, the body continues to expend calories for up to 48 hours after exercising, as long as the training is moderate or intense and you eat healthily.

2. HIIT training

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training corresponds to a set of exercises that must be performed with high intensity to accelerate metabolism and promote weight loss.

The exercises are performed intensively, to raise the heart rate, for this reason, this training is more suitable for people who already practice some type of physical activity.

However, there are HIIT training routines with easier exercises, especially for beginners.

Amount of calories burned:

As it is a high-intensity exercise, HIIT training can help burn about 400 calories per hour. However, to burn all these calories, the idea is to do it under the guidance of a personal trainer or physical education teacher.

3. Crossfit training

Crossfit training is also quite intense and requires greater cardiorespiratory capacity because the training is carried out in a high-intensity circuit and with little rest time between one exercise and another.

In this type of training, different weights are used, jump ropes, rubbers, boxes, among others and, in general, it is usually carried out outdoors.

Amount of calories burned:

Like HIIT, Crossfit workouts are quite intense, being able to burn about 700 calories per hour during exercise.

To increase energy expenditure, weight loss and muscle mass gain, the practice of Crossfit must be guided by a professional, especially if the person is starting in this sport, is sedentary or has some joint limitation, of This way it is possible to guarantee that the exercises are carried out correctly and without risk of causing injury.

4. Dance classes

Dancing is an excellent activity that helps to strengthen and tone muscles, in addition to increasing flexibility and increasing caloric expenditure, thus improving cardiorespiratory capacity and promoting weight loss.

In addition to this, it is an activity that allows fun and distraction, being excellent for stimulating memory, improving posture and reducing stress.

Amount of calories burned:

Calories burned to vary according to the style of dance and the time it is practised.

In Zumba or dance therapy, it is possible to lose an average of 300 to 600 calories per hour. However, to burn this amount of calories this activity must be carried out intensely.

5. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a type of intense and complete physical activity because it uses several muscle groups and requires physical preparation.

These workouts improve cardiorespiratory fitness and fitness, as well as muscle strength and endurance, as well as increasing self-esteem.

Amount of calories burned:

The number of calories that are expended during a Muay Thai training varies according to the intensity of the training and the physical preparation of the person and can reach up to 1500 kcals when the training is very intense and has excellent physical preparation.

However, the average caloric expenditure for Muay Thai practitioners is around 700 calories per workout.

6. Spinning

The spinning classes have different intensities, and it is done in a room with an exercise bike.

These classes, in addition to promoting high caloric expenditure and weight loss, also promote the strengthening of muscles, the burning of fat in the legs, also improving cardiorespiratory endurance.

Amount of calories burned:

To boost the caloric expenditure of spinning classes, the person must do a class according to what was requested by the instructor. In this way, it is possible to burn 600 to 800 calories per hour.

7. Swimming

Swimming is a complete exercise, because, in addition to promoting physical condition, it is capable of strengthening muscles and promoting caloric expenditure.

Although the strokes are not very strong to get to the other side of the pool faster, a constant effort is necessary, with few periods of rest.

When the objective is to lose weight, you should not only reach the other side of the pool, it is necessary to maintain a constant and strong rhythm, that is, you can cross the pool swimming crawl and turn back, for example, as a form of “rest”.

Amount of calories burned:

As swimming is a complete exercise, the practice of this physical activity can promote caloric expenditure of up to 400 calories since the person maintains the rhythm and always remains in motion.

8. Hydrogymnastics

Water gymnastics is also excellent for losing weight and improving cardiorespiratory capacity.

As water relaxes the tendency is to slow down, however, if you want to lose weight, the ideal is to be in a class whose purpose is the same, because there are classes for older people that are at a slower pace, and in these cases, it is not enough to help you lose weight.

Amount of calories burned:

For water gymnastics to promote the expenditure of as many calories as possible and promote weight loss, it is necessary that the person always keep moving, enough so that they are panting. In this way, it is possible to burn up to 500 calories per hour.

9. Running

Running workouts are great for promoting caloric expenditure and burning fat, and can be done both on the treadmill and outdoors. However, the run must be always done at the same pace and with moderate or high intensity.

You can start running at a slow pace and each week gradually increase the intensity until you reach the goal you want to achieve. See a routine to start walking and build up the intensity.

For people who are not in the habit of running or are beginning a physical activity, this exercise may not be the best way to initially promote caloric expenditure.

Therefore, the idea is to start doing aerobic exercises, such as walking, until the person feels able to start running. Know a workout routine for running and losing weight.

Number of calories burned:

The caloric expenditure of a run can vary between 600 to 700 calories per hour, as long as the person maintains a good rhythm, does not take many breaks, and exerts enough effort, to the point of not being able to speak during the trot.

10. Body pump

The body pump classes are an excellent way to burn fat. It is done with weights and step, working for the main muscle groups, thus promoting their strengthening and increasing resistance, in addition to improving cardiorespiratory capacity, because It requires more physical conditioning to perform the exercises.

Amount of calories burned:

Body pump classrooms promote caloric expenditure of up to 500 calories per hour, requiring it to be done at the pace and intensity indicated by the instructor.

These are some examples of exercises that help you lose weight fast, but that must be performed under the guidance of a professional so that they are performed correctly, avoiding causing injury to the muscles and joints.

Ideally, you should divide your training time between aerobic and anaerobic exercises, preferably 5 days a week to lose weight effectively and continuously.

During workouts it is important to maintain energy and hydrated body, in these cases, it is recommended to make homemade energy drinks.

Muscle exercises help define the body, combating flaccidity. However, when there is a great weight loss it may be necessary to do some aesthetic physiotherapy sessions or even abdominal surgery called abdominoplasty, to remove excess skin.

What exercise to do to lose weight faster?

To lose weight 1 kg of fat per week, equivalent to 4 kg per month, you should perform some exercise that uses 600 kcal approximately per week, 5 times a week, combined with daily muscle exercises.

To burn your intended calories, you should exercise for 1 hour and keep your heart rate within the ideal range, which should be about 80% of your maximum capacity. This capacity, however, will depend on the physical conditioning of the person, their age and the intensity of the exercise.

Exercising below these values will not help you lose weight much.

Extra help is buying a small digital device called a pedometer that shows how many steps an individual takes per day. This device can be purchased in sporting goods stores or online and the recommendation is to take 10,000 steps per day.

In addition to this, it is also important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, low in fat and sugar and rich in fruits, vegetables and fibre.

How to start practising exercises to lose weight

When starting some type of physical activity, the ideal is to be evaluated by a professional to verify the weight; carry out an anthropometric evaluation, which consists of measuring the body folds; Feeding Habits; medical history and; blood pressure.

In addition to this, it is also important to tell the professional what his objectives are so that both training and food are adapted to what he intends. The ideal frequency is 5 times a week, being at least 30 minutes a day and the intensity should be moderate to strong.

Usually, the training begins with aerobic exercises, such as Spinning or Zumba, then a muscle exercise routine should be performed. As the individual gains resistance, the exercises or the pace of the class should increase, which will require a greater effort from the heart and muscles.

Exercises to lose weight at home

It is also possible to do aerobic exercises and to strengthen muscles at home, being an excellent way to burn fat. It is possible to walk fast in the street every day, run a few kilometres and then increase the distance weekly.

In addition to this, later at home, you can perform some exercises to exercise the muscles such as squats, push-ups, planks, tripping, among others. See a routine to increase muscle mass at home.

We hope the article 10 exercises to lose weight fast has been of help to you.

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