Adele’s weight loss diet cannot be maintained indefinitely

Controversy among personal trainers for the enormous weight loss of the British singer, which has led her to lose between 50 and 70 kilos on the scale

On October 31, Adele surprised friends and strangers by appearing with a new look.

The singer had lost 20 kilos in just six months to give a radical change to her physical appearance.   Adele's weight loss diet cannot be maintained indefinitely

We said then that, to achieve this, the British artist had followed a diet that is well known among celebrities such as Daniel Craig or the Madonna herself.

Three months later, the singer surprised again at a party after the delivery of the Oscars.

It was organized by the music entrepreneur Guy Oseary, manager of groups like U2 or superstars like Madonna, and it was a party that brought together a multitude of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, who had swept the Super Bowl a week earlier, or Kim Kardashian.

This famous actress lost 6 kilos in just twelve weeks

Then the rumors began about her thinness, something that has alarmed her followers.

There are those who estimate the weight loss of the British singer between 50 and 70 kilos, which has led her to radically change her physique.

And she has achieved everything with the so-called sirtfood diet, which allows you to ingest a maximum of 1,000 calories a day. But is she healthy?

Adele’s sirtfood diet

This method promises to lose three kilos a week and is based on the consumption of foods that interact with a group of proteins called sirtuins.

They not only serve to lose weight, but at the same time, they promise to stimulate rejuvenation and cell repair. But not everyone positively values this strict diet.

The problem comes from the low calorie intake that must be maintained on a daily basis.

The 1,000 calories that, at most, people who follow this type of diet can take, are unaffordable in the long term, as some experts point out.

And the side effects of persisting in those few calories can be very damaging to your health.

Dale Pinnock, one of the nutrition experts of the British program This Morning, explained to the Daily Mail the danger of this diet, which can cause irritability and, what is more dangerous, brain fog.

It is a state of mental confusion, an alteration of the brain that causes people to go blank and confused.

Experts warn of the serious risks of a diet in which only 1000 calories are ingested a day

Dale noted that “if you have a short-term goal, that kind of approach could be very appropriate, such as losing weight quickly for a wedding or vacation.

But it is not sustainable in the long term: there will come a time when you body will begin to regulate the things it will do. ” It is not a good idea to keep on time.

Two thousand calories on average

Nutrition specialists agree that the average calorie intake for a person should be between 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men, depending on several factors.

But cutting that amount in half is not good, according to Dale: “The main priority of the body is survival, so after a couple of weeks you will not be so active, you will see that your brain becomes clouded and you become irritable” .

That’s why experts always recommend tips for long-term weight loss, a race that can be won.

For example, a very famous personal trainer on social networks, where she is known as Clean Eating Alice, was totally against: “No credible coach would agree that his client ate only 1,000 calories a day.

No coach would suggest that they eat them. Green juices are the elixir of good health. No credible coach should share this information for their own benefit. ”

Alice, who has more than 650,000 followers on her Instagram account, acknowledged that “I have trained celebrities and when they asked me in an interview about those clients, I have always remained silent because of their confidentiality, their privacy and the fact that this is their information if they want to share it, not mine.

These so-called ‘celebrity trainers’ must realize that putting someone on a 1000 calorie-a-day diet and an intense training regimen does not make them good trainers. ”

The average calorie intake for a person should be around 2,000 for women and 2,500 for men

In addition, the famous influencer claimed that encouraging these behaviors in her clients “turns them into instigators of seriously disordered eating habits and the repercussions they cause on the health of their clients.”

That coach you are talking about is Camila Goodis, who calls herself ‘Brazilian corps assistant’.

Camila stopped by Lorraine Kelly, a well-known American presenter, to talk about some of her clients, including Adele.

She acknowledged that although she is doing sports, 90 percent of her weight loss success is due to the 1,000 calorie diet that she follows, although she also performs ‘core’ and Pilates exercises. The controversy is served.

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