Are Fat Burners Effective?

Fat burners are everywhere! Supposed to rid the body of stored fat, these products with delicious names multiply, especially before summer, the flagship period of diets. How do they work? Are they effective? Safe? Dive into the world of fat burners.Are Fat Burners Effective?

With various compositions, these food supplements are intended to burn fat. While their effectiveness remains debated, they can be a little extra during a real diet.

Fat burner: what actions on the body?

Fat burners are food supplements designed to speed up the basal metabolism. They thus promote caloric destocking and/or the activation of lipolysis in adipocytes (melting stored fat). If we increase basal metabolism, the body consumes more energy.

The phenomenon of lipolysis makes it possible to transform the large fatty acid molecules of reserves nested in the adipocytes into small molecules of Free Fatty Acids easily mobilized by the organism and whose elimination is possible.

Caffeine, green tea, guarana, chitosan spirulina, nopal, chromium, CLA, L-carnitine, citrus Aurantium … here are some examples of the impressive list of ingredients that can be present in this type of product.

Most are plant extracts, vitamins or amino acids, which would have the properties of increasing the consumption of calories by the body, or even of capturing fats before they even enter the blood. More original, chitosan is a fibre extracted from the shell of crustaceans. It would promote the elimination of fat.

How effective for fat burners?

Unsurprisingly, none of these products has scientifically proven its effectiveness undeniable. Most of these components do have a role in metabolism, but at very high doses which would also cause health problems. For example, caffeine would be effective but at a rate of 500 mg per day … massive dose dangerous for the body.

For the dietitian Claire Marino, ” If they have a small effect, it is because the women who make them pay attention to their diet and practice physical activity”.

Moreover, these two conditions are specified on each fat-burning product (“This practical and effective supplement allows you to optimize weight loss as part of a diet aimed at slimming “, “for optimal efficiency, at use during a diet “…).

Fat burning: a diet aid

On the other hand, these products can be a little extra for those who are starting a diet: ” Using a fat burner at the start of a diet motivates ” explains Claire Marino. ” Afterwards, you have to lose weight without anything and learn to keep the figure in the same way ” she adds.

If you want to try them, learn about the composition and know that the active ingredients of these food supplements can cause interactions with drugs.

You should therefore note all the molecules and tell your doctor that you are taking a particular product with such and such a component. Products containing certain algae can interfere with the treatment of thyroid disorders, for example.

And if you do not want to invest in these food supplements, know that ” most of these components are found in food ” indicates Claire Marino.

Chromium, for example, which participates in carbohydrate metabolism during the transformation of proteins and fats, is present in the sprouts of cereals, plums, broccoli, nuts, liver and cheeses.

Besides, certain foods would be effective fat burners, for example, cabbage, celery, peppers, parsley and fruits: lemons, strawberries, grapefruits, kiwis, oranges …

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