Cherry Smoothies for Weight Loss

Discover the best cherry smoothies for Weight Loss.

In all matters of how to lose weight, everyone resorts to different ways to lose weight and thus have a perfect body, we cannot forget the rich shakes, which will allow us to reach the desired weight.

Therefore if you like cherries you can turn it into an interesting smoothie for our daily breakfast, below I will give you a recipe so you can try and see how you think to have a slim body.

First of all, I am going to give you the basic ingredients to be able to make a cherry smoothie and be satisfied, they are these:

•Cup and a half of cherries

•Whole apple.

•Two oranges, the juice.

•Tablespoon flax seed but the ground.

•Sweetener to taste.


First, we must place the cherries without their respective bones in a glass to beat correctly, then we add the apples cut into small pieces without their seeds.

After adding the fruits, we begin to add the orange juice and also the flax seeds (perfectly ground).

Cherry Smoothies for Weight Loss

Then we beat all the preparation until all the ingredients can be perfectly integrated so that we can have a homogeneous shake and above all a rich juice.

After making this rich cherry smoothie we have to consume it on an empty stomach so that it can help your body consume healthy nutrients.

Therefore, this delicious shake is purifying that provides many minerals and has antioxidant properties that favor our usual diet and thus be able to lose weight in a short time, but above all healthily.

This shake that I have given you can be favorable for a healthy diet and you can also combine it with different fruits that are following your adequate diet.

Frequent questions

1.- What are the benefits of cherries for health?

One of the greatest properties of cherries is that they have an antioxidant effect called anthocyanins, which help reduce heart disease and cancer.

They are considered as great food for the brain as it helps prevent memory loss. Consuming cherries helps improve mood and prevent diabetes, they are healthy to help regulate cholesterol.

2.- How many cherries can I eat per day?

One cup of cherries a day is enough for human consumption.  

3.- Where are the cherries grown? 

Cherries are a type of red fruit that comes from the Rosaceae family, there are sweet cherries and bitter cherries. The cherry tree can measure between 6 to 15 meters, and its fruit grows in late spring.

Its origin is in the Black Sea and its cultivation was later taken to Rome.

4.-How else are cherries consumed? 

Cherries are ideal for making fresh fruit, they are used in cakes, jams, and sometimes they are used to make compotes. They are also unique for making wines and spirits such as Kirsch.

5. How to make cherry tea for weight loss

When you buy fresh cherries or syrup, save their tails and prepare a tea to lose weight.

Boil 10 little rabbits in a cup and a half of water for 5 minutes and drink the infusion, you can sweeten it with a sugar substitute or a little honey.

Enjoy it three times a week, it is an excellent tea for weight loss

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