Dangers of losing weight fast

Discover the Dangers of losing weight fast.

The diets fast, those that allow losing much weight in a short time, have been widely criticized by both physicians and nutrition experts and not just because they quickly recover the lost pounds, but because they pose a clear health risk.

Fasting, high protein diets , diets based on only one food and those that involve a very low calorie consumption, carry the following health risks:

Dehydration: not a few of the miracle diets base their effectiveness on the loss of fluids, creating the feeling that a lot of volume and weight is lost.

However, this poses an obvious risk of dehydration.

It must be taken into account that one of the main components of the blood is water, so a significant loss of this element will make it thicken and, as a consequence, increase the risk of cardiovascular and kidney problems.

It can also cause a drop in blood pressure and problems in regulating body temperature.

Chronic fatigue: dehydration also implies a significant loss in the performance of important functions of the body, which generates a continuous feeling of tiredness and fatigue also due to the restriction of nutrients.

On the other hand, this fatigue is also because the parasympathetic nervous system, faced with the loss of energy caused by the fewer kilos, tries to maintain reserves and does so by consuming less, which leads to the appearance of fatigue and worse sleep.

Dangers of losing weight fast

Mood alterations: constant tiredness and sleep disturbance, as well as the boredom that these restrictive diets generate , will in all probability induce continuous mood swings, with episodes of irascibility and dejection.

Risk of muscle injury: One of the most important problems with losing weight quickly is that it is done at the cost of muscle mass or, what is the same, weakening the muscles and leading to serious injuries when exercising.

Weakening of the bones: the lack of nutrients in these diets will also affect bone mass, weakening the bones and favoring the possibility of a fracture.

The yo-yo or rebound effect: the worst thing is that after the effort involved in following these types of diets, the most likely thing is that the lost weight will be regained more or less quickly once the diet is abandoned.


Eating disorders: it is the most important risk of the obsession to lose weight quickly and, therefore, of miracle diets; since it means opening a door to eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia.

Given all this, the best way to lose weight safely and healthily is through a diet controlled by a specialist that implies a slow and constant weight loss (no more than one or two kilos per week), which should be complemented with a reeducation of life habits in terms of food and physical exercise.

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