How to lose weight fast at home without exercise?

Discover How to lose weight fast at home without exercise.

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise?

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise? Many people want to lose weight by eating a healthy diet and exercising, but most cannot exercise due to lack of health, lack of interest or time.

If your goal is to lose weight without having to do exhaustive exercises or go to a gym, the first thing you should be clear about is burning more calories than you consume.

Here you will find all the ways to lose weight in the comfort of your home without exercising by: 

◦ Tips on how to lose weight without exercise .

◦ Some ideal keys to lose weight without dieting.

◦ We will also talk about 3 ways to lose weight at home without practicing exercises. 

◦ We will also give you brief information on how Yoga makes you slimmer.

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise? Tips to lose weight without exercise.

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise? Tips to lose weight without exercise.

Increase the amount of breakfast foods

Try to eat food in the first hour of the day. This activates the metabolism, thus quickly burning more calories and accelerating the weight loss process. 

Breakfast should be rich in protein, so that you can control your appetite throughout the day. In this way, the other servings you eat later will be smaller.

Control calories

To control what you eat in the day from knowing how many calories you are consuming, and thus you will be able to reach your goals on the desired weight.

You can learn how to keep this caloric control in our article “ How many calories should I eat a day to lose weight or gain weight? ”

This control will also help you to discard foods that do not favor you. If you don’t want to be stuck with counting calories, try eating healthy foods. Here is a guide with  the best 22 foods according to science .

Drink water before eating

You must increase the amount of water you consume, this will help you lose weight.

You should drink a glass of water before and one after eating, as it will give you a satiating effect that will prevent you from eating more and accelerating your metabolism.

A  study  by Dr.  Melissa C. Daniels  and Dr.  Barri M. Popkin  showed that the absorption of calories without drinking water half an hour before eating was 8.7% higher than those of people who drank it.

They also found that people who consumed water before eating had a greater tendency to lose weight. In 6 months the range was between 7 and 11 kilos.

Finally, they made a comparison of the absorption of calories by drinking liquids other than water. The conclusion was that the absorption of calories was much higher.

Get enough rest

A study published in the  Annals of Internal Medicine  concludes that reducing sleep hours  decreases the body’s ability to lose fat by 55% .

It also increased the decrease in lean muscle mass by 60%. Less sleep equals more fat and less lean meat . 

When your body is tired and you don’t get enough sleep, it automatically asks you for food so it can replenish energy.

To lose weight  data-preserver-spaces = ”true”> you must get enough sleep between 7 and 8 Daily hours.

To walk

We always recommend walking between 1/2 hour to 2 1/2 hours a day, with this you will accelerate weight loss by 25% .

To make it work for you, you must vary the speed of the walk in a period of 30 to 60 seconds.

In addition, you must have a very lively rhythm that takes you to what the Americans call the ” Fat burning zone “. 

You should reach a number of beats that varies between 63.6% and 76.2% of your maximum heart rate.

You will find more information on how to achieve these ideal pulsations in our article ” How to eliminate abdominal fat “.

Substituting some foods for their healthy version

5 white poisonous foods are considered to:

◦ Refined salt . Substitute herbs and spices for salt that add flavor to your food.

◦ Pasteurized milk . Try substituting it for vegetable drinks.

◦ Refined flour . Substitute whole grains for white cereals. Thus, you will be providing extra fibers to the body that is essential to lose weight, without having to do exercises.

◦ White rice  (almost all its food properties are eliminated in husking and processing).

◦ White sugar . Replace it with natural sweeteners like Stevia.

These foods should be eliminated from our daily diet.

How to lose weight without diet? Keys to losing weight with an unrestricted diet.

How to lose weight without diet? Keys to losing weight with an unrestricted diet.

Eat nutritious food

Consume more food that actually nourishes you and less that does not nourish the body. Choose a diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole foods, as they give you satiety . 

When you consume fresh vegetables you are providing few calories that help you regulate weight, vegan nutrition is what helps you lose weight faster

Chew a lot!

Chew your food a lot, because it helps you increase the amount of calories your body burns during digestion.

By eating more slowly, you can reduce your intake and improve the absorption of nutrients, regulate appetite and give you greater satiety.

Take the whole fruit, not in juice

Do not eat fruits in juices because they contain a high glycemic consumption.

It is a better option to eat the fruits in pieces, they will satiate you more and will not cause the blood glucose to rise.

Include healthy fats in your diet

It includes Omega 3 fatty acids, which help you regain vitality, its ratio should be 6 to 1.

 You get these fatty acids in: nuts, oils and flax seeds, you should use it to dress salads and for dressings, but not for cooking.

Nor do we recommend that you abuse its consumption due to its high caloric value, a handful a day would be the ideal portion.

Eat compact whole wheat bread

Eat whole wheat bread that is compact and hard when cut, you have to know how to choose well. 

There are some breads that sell it as whole grains, and what they do is add a molasses that dyes the bread . A soft bread cannot be whole grain.

Take your time when eating

By chewing well and eating slowly, you increase the amount of calories your body burns during digestion. By eating more slowly you achieve:

◦ A decrease in intake.

◦ You improve the absorption of nutrients.

◦ Regulate the appetite.

◦ It gives you greater satiety. 

If you eat fast, you hardly burn a few calories and the feeling of fullness takes much longer to arrive.

Beware of caffeine

Consuming too much caffeine increases glucose levels. This causes the metabolic process to be damaged by using body fat as an energy source.

This makes you want to eat more sweets and increases the feeling of tiredness.

Synthetic sweeteners also increase the absorption of glucose that comes from the food we eat and worsen the intestinal microbiota.

Includes foods that improve the intestinal microbiota

The intestinal microbiota is the set of healthy bacteria in the digestive system that influence weight and body fat.

The components to improve the intestinal microbiota are found, for example, in: 

◦ Garlic.

◦ Chicory root.

◦ Asparagus.

◦ The jicama.

◦ The onion.

3 ways to lose your weight at home without exercise:

3 ways to lose your weight at home without exercise:

1) Make changes to your diet

Count the calories :

To calculate the calories you need to cut down on in your diet, first identify the calories you should be consuming per day. 

For this you must look for a  calorie calculator  where you enter your weight, your height, your age, and your activity level. By doing this you will know how many calories they recommend you consume in the day.

Therefore it is better to get your personalized diet, since all people are different.

 However, if you eat a diet with fewer calories than 1,200 a day, include foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

If you don’t, you can suffer from insufficient nutrients as they won’t cover most of the vitamins, minerals, and proteins you need.

Go into a caloric deficit

You must take into account a balance in your weight: this weight loss consists of burning more calories than you consume.

This is done by reducing extra calories from food and drink. It can also be done by increasing calorie burn through physical activity.

Make a meal plan:

If you cannot burn calories through exercise, you should reduce the amount of calories you consume in your diet to lose weight .

To develop this plan you must use some strategies to make it more effective:

◦ Write down all the foods that you are going to consume throughout the week, so that you can adapt them to the range of calories you need.

◦ Add a certain amount of calories to each meal, in order to choose the foods you will eat for the day.

◦ You should include in your meals foods that are in the 5 food groups such as: lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products.

◦ With this eating plan you will avoid when you are in a hurry, choose foods that have poor nutrition; Because you plan all your meals in advance.

Eat a balanced diet:  

For you to lose weight, control the calories you consume and choose a diet based on the 3 food groups such as:

 Lean proteins :

 They help you stay full longer and reduce hunger cravings. Each plate of food should contain between 85g and 113g of protein.

 Lean protein foods are: 

◦ Beef.

◦ Tofu

◦ Pork Meat.

◦ Bird meat.

◦ Eggs.

◦ Dairy products.

◦ Vegetables.

100% whole grains :

 It contains a high degree of fiber, some vitamins, minerals and some of them are: 

◦ Oatmeal.

◦ Quinoa.

◦ Son.

◦ 100% whole wheat pasta and bread.

◦ Integral rice; For each meal you should consume a quantity of half a cup (28 gr).

Fruits and vegetables:

The vegetables and fruits are foods that leave you more satisfied and contains low levels of calories and fat.

They also provide large amounts of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. Half of the meals should be made up of fruits or vegetables.

Eat healthy snacks or snacks

Eat healthy “snacks”: between 1 or 2 a day, with low calories, they are ideal to be consumed. You should wait more than 3-4 hours for your next meal. 

These snacks must contain between 100 and 200 calories, some of these healthy “snacks” are: 

◦ 1/4 cup of walnuts.

◦ A portion of natural yogurt.

◦ A hard-boiled egg.

◦ A little bit of unsweetened peanut or peanut butter.

Choose healthier eating technique : 

Avoid consuming foods that require a lot of oil, butter, high fat content or dressings in their preparation, so your weight loss could decrease.

 Your food can be steamed, simmered, grilled,  parboiled .

 Replace saturated fats with healthy monounsaturated fats such as: extra virgin olive oil, canola oil.

These lipids help you improve blood cholesterol levels and you run a lower risk of heart disease and obesity. Don’t use cooking techniques like deep frying.

Avoid feeling thirsty

It is essential to lose weight to consume liquids properly. Being thirsty gives you the feeling that you are hungry, and therefore makes you eat more. As long as you drink the right amount of liquid, it can help you avoid making that mistake.

 Consume approximately 2 liters (8 glasses) of sugar-free liquid daily, some of these liquids that you can consume are: water, water with flavorings without sugar, tea , coffee without cream or sugar.

Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks

These types of drinks contain many calories that are detrimental to weight loss. Completely avoid sugary drinks that you should not consume such as:

◦ Sodas

◦ Drinks with coffee that contain sweetener.

◦ Teas with sweetener.

◦ Energy drinks and juices. 

◦ With regard to alcohol, you can consume one glass a day in women and two or fewer glasses in men.

2) Track weight loss: 

Use a scale

It is essential that you use a scale, to determine if your diet program has been useful or if you should make any changes. 

You will have to weigh yourself one twice a week. It is advisable to lose 450 to 900g (1 – 2) pounds a week. 

To get off safely, it is recommended to weigh yourself at the same time, on the same day of the week. 

If by any chance your weight loss has stalled or you are gaining, you should review your eating plan again to identify if you can cut down on any excess calories.

Seek support

Seek help from friends, family or colleagues, if they also want to lose weight that way you will feel more motivated if you do it in the group. Also get information from a certified nutritionist, as they will provide you with a personalized meal plan.

3) Change your lifestyle: 

Sleep 7 to 9 hours a day

Get adequate rest, it is advisable to sleep 7 to 9 hours at night. People who sleep less than 7 hours according to the study weigh more than those who rest properly. 

If you are going to wake up earlier, you should go to sleep sooner, so you will get the hours of sleep you need.

 To sleep longer, you should remove electronic devices from your room. Establish this habit so that you do not have disturbances before going to sleep.

Move more

Increasing your regular physical activity is ideal for weight loss, even if you don’t burn many calories. Such as taking the stairs instead of using the elevator, parking your vehicle further away, walking.

Helpful tips to lose weight.

◦ Reduce the amount of calories you consume , make sure they come from a balanced diet, consume the appropriate amount of carbohydrates , proteins and fats.

◦ Develop the habit of consuming water , keeping a bottle in hand at all times.

◦ Never stop eating breakfast , because it speeds up your metabolism and will prepare you for the whole day.

◦ Drink water to make your stomach feel full . To satisfy yourself when you are hungry, drink water until you stop feeling this sensation. Many times what we think of as hunger is actually dehydration.

Water is ideal for weight loss, because it does not contain calories. To feel less hungry when eating, drink water before meals.

Yoga to lose weight:

 When you practice Yoga you lose weight because each asana (yoga posture) focuses on a specific area of the body.

This allows you to tone and work your muscles, at the same time that you reduce accumulated fat, leading to the release of toxins. 

Many times we eat more because of anxiety than because of hunger itself. Yoga helps us reduce this anxiety, and therefore the desire to eat; reason why you are going to lose weight. 

Some of the specific yoga postures to lose weight are the sun salutations that include different postures to tone the muscles while increasing the heart rate.

What is the best type of yoga for weight loss?

Bikram yoga: 

This type of yoga is used to lose weight when you also do it in a room with a high temperature. The room where Bikram yoga is practiced should be at a temperature of 40.6 ° C. 

There are people who lose 600 calories in a single session. A sweat is generated that helps you detoxify the body from the toxins that are released. 

 This type of yoga is ideal for beginners, 26 poses are performed in each class to:

◦ Strengthen muscles.

◦ Cleaning the organs through sweat.

◦ Facilitate flexibility.


How to lose weight fast at home without exercise?

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise? Never stop consuming your daily meals completely, especially breakfast that will fill you with strength and vitality throughout the day. 

Stopping eating is not recommended for your health or your weight loss and will help you gain weight, regardless of whether you are in a caloric deficit or not.

These tips will help you to have a beautiful body even if you have a few extra pounds or you are pregnant, no matter your condition

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