How to lose weight if I have hypothyroidism?

Discover how to lose weight if I have hypothyroidism.

A healthy and balanced diet, combined with regular physical exercise, are key to helping control this disorder.

The thyroid gland, located in the lower front part of the neck, just above the collarbones, is an important organ of the endocrine system and its function is to produce hormones that control the way the body’s cells use energy. When the gland does not produce the necessary amount of thyroid hormones, it is called hypothyroidism.How to lose weight if I have hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is a disorder that affects more women than men and that results in a decrease in the activity of the metabolism of the affected person so that all vital functions are slowed down. Thus, we usually gain weight without having a logical explanation for it, because our lifestyle habits remain the same as always.

Although there are cases in which hypothyroidism is transitory, such as that associated with pregnancy, which usually resolves after delivery, hypothyroidism in adults does not recover, becoming a chronic disease that must be treated as such.

For this, in addition to following the appropriate medical treatment, we can help control the thyroid disorder and eliminate the extra kilos by following some simple lifestyle habits.

The weight loss recommendations for people with hypothyroidism are no different from those for other people who want to lose weight: wear a healthy and balanced diet, as well as developing a regular physical exercise plan.

Losing weight with hypothyroidism

Dating tips for people with hypothyroidism
The most advisable thing, if one has weight problems, is to follow a diet low in fat, simple sugars and calories.

One that reduces the consumption of saturated fat and foods rich in sugar, in which it is cooked with virgin olive oil and that the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits and bluefish prevails.

Although in many cases it will be the endocrinologist himself that will indicate the diet to follow, it must be borne in mind that very restrictive diets are never healthy, since, in addition to causing a significant loss of lean mass (muscle), they can promote eating disorders.

When a person has a slow thyroid, they have a specific nutritional deficiency: a lack of iodine, so it is recommended that, within the low-calorie diet, foods rich in iodine are added: spinach, watercress, fish, shellfish, algae marine, skimmed dairy and iodized salt.

Regarding the latter, it is not a matter of increasing salt intake, but of substituting normal or sea salt for iodized salt to ensure the daily intake of iodine.

As we discussed earlier, it is essential that to lose weight, a healthy diet is combined with exercise, and if one has a slow thyroid, even more so. Physical activity helps accelerate metabolism and burn calories, greatly reducing the weight gain derived from hypothyroidism.

Losing weight can be more complicated in the case of suffering from this disorder, but it is by no means impossible. You can have an adequate weight and an optimal state of shape with hypothyroidism. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, combined with the regular practice of physical exercise, will ensure that our body stays in tune.

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