How to speed up the metabolism? 12 ideas to lose weight fast

Discover How to speed up the metabolism? 12 ideas to lose weight fast.

We all want to know the secret to lose weight with the least possible effort … especially when we have settled in and we have gained a few extra pounds that seem to have been installed.

But do you know how to lose weight fast? One of the most efficient tricks is to speed up our metabolism.How to speed up the metabolism? 12 ideas to lose weight fast

Losing weight always requires a sacrifice. The truth is that there are ways to lose weight more quickly.

One of them is to accelerate the metabolism, something that will help us achieve visible results and lose weight quickly.

But how do you speed up your metabolism? Are you doing something wrong to slow it down?

Surely it is not the first time that you blame your metabolism for those extra pounds that you want to eliminate. Here are 12 ideas for you to achieve your New Year’s resolution, lose weight in less time.

First of all, you must know exactly how much weight you would have to lose to reach your ideal weight.

So if you are looking for a way to get in shape this summer, don’t miss our tips … It’s time to boost your metabolism!

1. Coconut oil

You may have heard of the benefits of coconut products when you sneakily and unintentionally overhear other people’s conversations in your gym or office. And there’s a reason for it …

Replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil. You are going to help your body burn fat faster.

Studies show that these fats are more easily digested.

They manage to accelerate the metabolism so that burn up to three times more calories than other oils during six hours from the last meal.

We recommend the Naturseed brand coconut oil, it has more than 700 positive opinions and is the best seller on Amazon.

It is 100% pure, extra virgin, and cold-pressed. It contains lauric acid present in breast milk that helps protect against infections and bacteria. Speeds up metabolism for rapid calorie burn.

2. Increase protein

Slightly increase the amount of protein in a balanced diet. Your body will be better prepared to lose weight fast.

And it is that the extra contribution of quality proteins will help you fight your lazy metabolism.

When we talk about quality proteins, we are referring especially to those that respond to the needs of your body.

This means that those with high levels of amino acids, such as meat or fish, are a good option in your diet.

In this sense, lean meats and eggs, especially eggs, are an important source of protein to speed up your metabolism.

Add extra protein to your diet with products like these foodspring protein bars. They are the perfect snack to snack between meals and get the amount of protein that your body needs to speed up your metabolism. Contains 90% less sugar than other bars and fewer carbohydrates.

3. Reduce carbohydrates

Slightly decrease the number of carbohydrates on your menu. In this way, you will also be able to accelerate your metabolism.

Different studies show that carbohydrates promote a slower metabolism and contribute to weight gain.

This means saying “see you later” to large amounts of pasta, bread, and potatoes in your diet.

If you think it is going to cost you to reduce the amount you eat, find out which carbohydrates are the least fattening.

4. Control the quantities

How to speed up your metabolism and lose weight fast? Balance is the key to losing weight.

Although there are diets in which you do not limit amounts, a good way to lose weight is not to gorge yourself on food, no matter how healthy it is.

An easy and practical way to measure quantities is to use the palm of your hand. This means that the amount of protein on your menu should be the size of the palm.

The size of your clenched fist should be equivalent to the carbohydrates on your plate.

This way you won’t overload your body with portions that are too large for your size. It looks like child’s play! Here are a few more tips to help you lose weight fast.

5. Try cinnamon

This delicious spice that normally flavors your favorite desserts, can be your best ally. Believe it or not, cinnamon favors the assimilation of sugar.

Cinnamon makes your body metabolize sugar up to twenty times faster. You can put a touch on tea or coffee so as not to add extra calories. The result is delicious, and you will be helping your body.

6. Don’t forget the eggs

You know what they say, you are what you eat. That gastronomic-philosophical appointment comes to remind us that the better you eat, the better you will feel.

But you also have to be patient, because the healthy diet race is a long-distance race. If we know which foods are good for burning fat faster, we can lose weight faster.

There is especially good food for it: the egg. It turns out that it is not only healthy but contains specific components such as:

•beneficial fats that will help improve your metabolism.

In addition to being a source of protein, it is very easy to integrate the egg into a diet to lose weight … Let your imagination fly!

7. Playing sports is essential

High-intensity training is a safe and effective way to speed up your metabolism.

It may not sound like something especially fun. The best way to achieve this through sport is:

alternating moments of high intensity with others more relaxed.

Make a list of songs with more animated themes for the high points and quieter ones for when you are going to slow down.

This idea will not only help speed up your metabolism, but it can help you reduce cellulite.

So now you know … Get moving and practice these 25 exercises to lose weight! And if you don’t know where to start, take a look at this discount for your sportswear.

With this training, you will exercise the abdomen and back.

It is one of the most complete activities for this muscle group since it mobilizes even the deepest fibers, getting to tone and strengthen this area more quickly.

To do this, lean on your forearms and the balls of your feet.

Make sure your body is straight and contract your abdomen and buttocks to avoid curving your back.

Hold 30 seconds and rest, increase to 35, and so on until you reach your limit. Aim to increase by 5 seconds each day to improve yourself.

With this training, we strengthen, to a greater extent, abs, buttocks, and legs.

As always in the plates, the position is very important.

Supported on the forearms and the balls of the feet, keep your back straight by squeezing your glutes and abdomen.

Once this position is achieved, move your leg up and down. You can do 3 sets of 10 raises with each leg and resting for 10 seconds.

With this exercise, the muscles of the arms and the abdominal area are strengthened. This is resistance training, not repetitions.

The starting position is from the ground, lying on a mat face down and you must rise until you are supported on the forearms and the balls of the feet.

The back must be completely straight and this is achieved by tightening the buttocks and abdomen.

Hold for 30 seconds and do 4 sets resting 10 seconds between each one.

This exercise achieves a greater strengthening of the internal muscles of the abdominal wall, the lumbar, the trapezius, and also the muscles of the arms.

This is a similar activity to the previous one, but instead of being supported with the forearms, you should have them stretched out.

Therefore, you must bear the weight on your hands and the balls of your feet.

You mustn’t arch your back and stay as straight as possible, squeezing your glute and abdomen.

Do 4 series, holding 30 seconds in each one and rested 10.

With this exercise, we manage to strengthen the entire abdominal area.

Lie on your back and raise your torso so that a 45º angle is formed between the ground and your back.

The back must be straight and for this, you have to tighten the abdomen well.

Maintaining this posture, start pedaling as if you were on a bicycle. Perform 5 sets of 30 seconds each and rest for 10.

As you progress, you can increase the time according to your strength.

A good way to strengthen your obliques, the abdominal wall muscles just below your chest, is by pedaling.

You have to be careful not to pull your head with your hands, but to maintain your posture by straining your abs.

To do the exercise, you have to lie on your back, put your hands on your neck and rise until you get a 45º angle.

Then start pedaling and bring the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa simultaneously while pedaling.

To start, try 5 sets of 30 seconds each, and then adapt the time according to your resistance.

To tone the belly area, a good exercise is to raise the knees. For this, you will have to lie on your back on a gymnastic mat.

Place your hands along your body and your legs bent, raise your knees without lifting your arms or feet off the ground.

Do about 15 repetitions, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat, like this until you do 5 sets. An extra? You will also strengthen the pelvic area.

This exercise has one more level of difficulty, but nothing you can’t do. The fundamental thing is to control your breathing and bring it to the beat of the exercise so that when you raise your legs you breathe in, and when you lower them you breathe out.

To perform this exercise you will need a gymnastic mat. Lie on your back and place your hands along your body.

Raise your knees toward your chest so that your legs are at a 90-degree angle.

Remember how important posture is, don’t arch your back and keep your glutes glued to the mat.

This exercise is a variant of the previous one. The posture is the same and the beginning of the exercise as well.

Remember the importance of breathing and posture, and raise your knees to your chest.

Before returning to the starting position, d ince chest encógelas stretch your legs and back. So you do three steps: raise your knees to the chest, from the chest stretch your legs and finally shrink your legs again.

8. Walnuts, the queens of nuts

The eternal dilemma of nuts. They are healthy? Are they too fat? Well, it will not be the first time you hear about the benefits of walnuts (or other nuts such as almonds or peanuts) for your body. Walnuts, in particular, are good:

•For the hair,
•for the skin,
•for energy levels …
And they are also a fat-burning option!
The oils obtained from walnuts are capable of creating a perfect balance between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids in the body.

Who knew that something so small could be so good? Of course, remember to eat them with your head.

Nuts are also a source of calories. With a handful a day you should have more than enough.

One of the best options for incorporating nuts and other dried fruits for a healthy snack is the Foodspring Nut and Berry Mix. Contains raw, natural nuts, no added sugars with superfoods like goji berries, super healthy!

9. Bluefish, your best ally

Everyone knows that oily fish is a superfood with many beneficial properties. You will be surprised how much it can fill you up.

It is very good for the brain (take note, especially if you are studying).
He is a genius helping you burn fat.

How to speed up your metabolism? The beneficial proteins and fats in oily fish are very good for speeding up metabolism.

In addition, your body only stays with the fats it needs from this fish, letting the rest go when you already have enough.

Well, the next time you drool over that tasty grilled salmon, don’t think twice, your brain and waist will thank you!

If you want to know other tricks to lose weight by eating healthy, here you go …

Including strawberries within the five pieces of fruit recommended daily will provide you, among other benefits, antioxidants, which help delay the aging of both the skin and the body.

Walnuts contain high amounts of folic acid and B vitamins. They are very beneficial for the nervous system and the brain. So you know, if you want to hit the coconut, eat walnuts.

Natural yogurt is one of the foods that most helps digestive health. It also has a high content of proteins, calcium, and vitamins of the B complex, which are a great source of energy.

Blueberries contain high amounts of antioxidants and are very rich in vitamin C. This combination is a great help for our immune system.

Mustard is a food that contains high doses of phosphorus and potassium, ideal for our muscles. It also has vitamin C, perfect for preventing colds.

Lentils are an important source of fiber, which is very beneficial for our digestive health. They also have group B vitamins, which among their benefits, is the prevention of anemia.

Chestnuts are the best of nuts. They are low in fat, satiating, and also help with fluid retention. Perfect to include in our diet!

Chocolate lovers, take it easy. Chocolate is by no means unhealthy, did you know that they are rich in antioxidants? In addition, experts recommend eating between one and two ounces of chocolate a day. Joy!

Quinoa is a great supplier of potassium for our body and it is also rich in proteins, which help strengthen our muscles. And it is delicious in the salad!

10. Don’t forget legumes

Legumes are also a good way to speed up your metabolism. And some of them, like lentils, chickpeas, or beans, are not just heavy foods that require a spoon and a nap.

Do you know hummus?

Hummus or nut butter is a great example of a great pre-workout snack.
Before exercising, that boost of energy will allow you to burn fat more easily.

Hummus is also great for other things like controlling blood sugar levels
Hummus also stabilizes your hormones.
A healthy delicacy!

11. Drink tea

In addition to being delicious in any of its aspects, especially in summer with a lot of ice, tea:
is full of antioxidants that will help you fight against the accumulated fats in your body.

its high percentage of theine will make your body activate,
speeding up your metabolism thanks to a process called thermogenesis,
by which fat burning occurs more quickly and effectively.
What are you waiting for a cup?

Some recommendations for detox teas to speed up your metabolism:

12. Let yourself be seduced by the seeds

Do you still wonder how to speed up your metabolism? Something as simple as:

The seeds are an ideal way to speed up metabolism.
They act as a good substitute for less healthy options like French fries or chocolate.
It may not sound too appetizing at first, but try chia, sesame, flax, quinoa seeds … They are very tasty!

Pumpkin seeds can help improve some ailments of the body,
They have beneficial properties and help you sleep better.

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