The two changes Kelly Osbourne made in her life to lose 40 kilos

Discover the two changes Kelly Osbourne made in her life to lose 40 kilos.

The Got Talent Australia judge has made a radical change in her life, erasing a physique that had been pursuing her for yearsThe two changes Kelly Osbourne made in her life to lose 40 kilos

Kelly Osbourne rose to fame thanks to the television show The Osbournes, based on the life of heavyweight singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

However, over time she managed to make a niche for herself in the world of ‘celebrities’ and now she herself is capable of opening covers and making news any aspect of her private life.

The singer has given a lot to talk about in recent times thanks to her notable weight loss.

She has been able to lose almost 40 kilos and has achieved it thanks to two changes that she made in her day to day: on the one hand, introducing intermittent fasting into her daily routine; on the other, doing sports to burn more calories than you eat. And the result has been a success.

Osbourne had already announced to her more than two million followers on her Instagram that 2020 was going to be her year.

That is why, when with the arrival of summer, she presented her new figure, many were surprised: she had lost many kilos, despite having been confined for several weeks due to the coronavirus. But how did she do it?

She lost 39 kilos

During the first two weeks of quarantine alone, Kelly Osbourne had already lost ten pounds.

However, she told her followers on social media that she had more energy than ever thanks to her getting down to business “instead of sitting here in fear.”

This is how she stayed motivated and managed to lose the weight that she had accumulated over the years.

The singer and influencer has been on a vegan diet since 2012. As she explained to The Beet, “I used to think being vegan was boring, but now I’m having more fun with food than ever.

What it’s all about is to find that healthy moderation, although easier said than done … When you sit down in front of a plate of chips there is no moderation.

So you have to realize that if you are going to eat this, you are going to do 15 minutes extra exercise … You just have to balance it all out. ”

She left behind she has left a past in which she used food constantly to overcome substance use and moments of sobriety.

She assures that she is now hooked on feeling good, so what she wants is to lead a healthy lifestyle, play sports and eat healthy to stay slim. And this is how she has done it.

She has followed a vegan diet since 2012 and every day she is happier, discovering new dishes to continue enjoying food

To eat, she eats a diet based on fruits, vegetables, and plant-based foods. She has a coffee for breakfast followed by a green smoothie, which allows you to boost her immune system while she loses weight.

Until mid-afternoon, she combines sports with healthy juices and smoothies.

And she dines early with healthy foods so that she doesn’t eat anything again until the next day.

For this reason, her intermittent fasting extends between 14 and 16 hours each day.

The importance of sport

But, without a doubt, the most important of her tricks to lose weight is sports. She has a personal trainer, Lacy Stone, who assures that the best way to lose weight is with high intensity exercises (HIIT) and doing circuits that force the body to do all kinds of movements. Therefore, squats, push-ups, dumbbells, etc. are never lacking.

But Osbourne combines cardio work with strength training so that her muscles work hard.

According to Stone, you should always do the plank exercise and pedaling in the air while your back remains glued to the ground.

Combining cardio with strength training is the best way to lose weight, especially if you do cardio at least three days a week.

But in addition to following the guidelines of her coach, Kelly Osbourne has hers of her own tricks such as hula hoop through dance classes in which the hoop is the protagonist.

She began practicing it in 2013 and continues to do it often, since in addition to having a good time, this exercise helps her continue to burn calories.

The Osbourne coach emphasizes not to collapse despite the fact that the results do not come quickly: you have to follow a healthy diet and keep up the training.

Lacy Stone explains that “when you first start exercising, your body goes into a state of shock for the first week.

You may be in a calorie deficit, but your body will retain water and therefore it will appear that She hasn’t lost weight.

It’s very important not to let that put you off because she’s actually losing fat. ” And Kelly Osbourne is the example that she has made it

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