What is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secret?

Discover Rebel Wilson’s weight loss secret.

A drastic transformation accompanies the hilarious Hollywood actress, Rebel Wilson.

The combination of a healthy diet and a moving body is the key to changing your lifestyle, improving your health, and achieving an ideal weight. What is Rebel Wilson's weight loss secret?

On this occasion, a drastic transformation accompanies the funny Hollywood actress, Rebel Wilson.

The Australian “Pitch Perfect” exceeded 100 kilos in weight and although her beauty has never been defined by aesthetics but by her charisma and talent, however in 2018 she had a health mishap that motivated her to achieve a healthier life. Since then she lost more than 25 kilos.

At the beginning of 2020, she made it clear to her followers that she would start a healthy life full of diet and exercise.

In an interview for the morning show Sunrise, she spoke openly about her process to lose weight and detailed the exercise routine that she has carried out during the quarantine.

“I have been doing a lot of exercise, but it has been difficult with the restrictions due to the coronavirus, because I could only go out to the park to lie on the ground and do sit-ups,” she confessed.

But for the singer, not everything is abs and leaves. Rebel Wilson has also gone during the process to the celebrity coach, Gunnar Peterson, who helped the actress by modifying her eating habits and motivating her to do physical activity.

Faced with her incredible and noticeable change, Wilson tries to inspire other people through her social networks, where she shares photos of her results with motivational phrases.

“Try to put in a little effort each day. I know some days are frustrating and hellish, it makes you want to give up, the lack of progress bothers you, but good things will come to you ”.

And when Wilson shared her weight loss goal, she urged fans to stick with theirs, promising that “it will be worth it.” she wrote on Instagram.

According to People magazine, Wilson began her lifestyle transformation in 2019 when she visited Austria’s luxury medical detox and wellness center, VivaMayr, with her friend and TV host Carly Steel. The retreat lasted two weeks and from there the actress is focused on achieving her goals.

The center’s plans were based on a unique detox that includes certain spa treatments, mental health sessions, and a complete diet and fitness revamp.

In the interview for Sunrise, the comedy actress explained that during her stay she did nasal reflexology, functional training, medical exams, walks around the lake, sports, massages, yoga, and osteopathy sessions.

In those two weeks, she lost seven kilos. A process that, according to the actress herself, is also filmed and that could soon see the light turned into a documentary.

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